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Using Meditation to Strengthen Your Immune System

One study conducted by the University of Wisconsin showed that meditation may be more effective than exercise at preventing the cold and flu. They also found that if you do get sick, meditation effectively reduced symptom severity. Infante et al. found that compared to non-meditators, those with an established meditation practice had higher levels of B lymphocytes and natural killer cells, cells the body uses to protect itself from foreign invaders. Even in new meditators, Davidson and colleagues found similar benefits. They noted that compared to the control group, after an eight-week mindfulness meditation program they had increased immune responses to foreign invader cells. As additional research is conducted in the field of meditation and immunology, it seems very likely that we will continue to learn great things from this long-standing practice.



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Guided Meditation is one of of the foundations of the neural reconditioning training process and the brain wave frequency upon which you build the structures of new beliefs, goals and aspirations to your nonconscious brain. While many people associate meditation with relaxation, its central impact is training your brain to focus on exactly what you want to achieve while creating new neural pathways to match your vision.

Meditation puts you in control of your brain waves so you can acquire an awareness of who and what you really are. By focusing on your breath and our precision language patterns and brain altering stories, you will be able to tune in to finer signals and pick up information crucial to achieving your financial and business goals.

Regular meditation trains your brain to hold its focus without getting distracted. It changes your brain from a clear pane of glass to a magnifying glass and then a laser—etching the image of your new life and results deep into your subconscious mind. Observation and focus are critical in the quantum universe. There is no focus in the universe more powerful than precise intention.

How you will benefit: Guided Meditation is a powerful process for retraining your brain and through proper “Innercise” you will see your aspirations come into focus. Meditation conditions your brain, allowing you to tap into the source of your ideas—the source of infinite consciousness.

meditation classes

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MINDFUL MEDITATION: AN ALLY IN YOUR CANCER RECOVERY Thursdays, weekly 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. Cordes Outpatient Pavilion , Covington 

2015 classes begin Thursday, January 8, 10am -11am

Learn to use the power of your mind to fight disease, find strengths, make the best of treatments & meet the challenges cancer can bring. Guided by Ellen LaRocca, the class will introduce various meditation, guided imagery & simple yoga techniques. Participants may start at any time. Open to anyone with a cancer diagnosis, their caregivers & the health professionals who care for them. Call (985) 898-4581 or email to register.

Friday’ Gift

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Primordial Sound Meditation

Discover the silence that creates inner peace for the challenges of daily living

As we move into the world of Body Mind Medicine and into new paradigms of thinking, we move ever closer to the understanding of the myriad of benefits offered by the simple act of sitting quietly, with no conversations, in meditation. Meditation is one of the most powerful tools there is to help us restore the harmony within and to gain access to our body’s inner intelligence. In meditation we re-connect with our essence. This connection extends to our daily lives and can result in improved health, more fulfilling relationships, enthusiasm for life and increased creativity.

Primordial Sound Meditation is a technique that originated from the ancient knowledge of India. Deepak Chopra, MD and David Simon, MD, have revived this authentic process and made it available in a format that can be easily learned and practiced by everyone. During PSM our minds become quiet, allowing our bodies to gain the deep rest necessary to release stress and fatigue.

Primordial Sounds are the basic, most essential sounds of nature. The specific sounds which are used in meditation are called mantras. These mantras are used to help take our awareness away from the frenzy of the daily activity of the mind to the stillness of our spirit. The effect soothes our entire physiology — mind, body and soul.

PSM can be learned by people of every age, education, culture and religion. It does not require specific beliefs or a change in behavior or lifestyle.

“Meditation is not forcing your mind to be quiet; it’s finding the quiet that is already there.”….Deepak Chopra

Mindfulness meditation can heal, boost immunity and improve mental and physical health. In a study conducted by West Virginia University, 103 adults participated in an 8 week study in which they learned, practiced, and applied mindfulness meditation to daily life situations. The group completing the meditation program showed a 44% decrease in  psychological distress and a 46% decrease in medical symptoms. Williams KA, et al. Evaluation of a wellness-based mindfulness stress reduction intervention: a controlled trial. Am J Health Promot. 2001:15(6):422-32

For more information on Primordial Sound Meditation, or to schedule a class, please contact Ellen LaRocca, Certified PSM Instructor, at

Meditation for Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

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Meditation for healing Body, Mind and Spirit

Soft Belly

Let us begin by sitting comfortably, closing our eyes, breathing easily.

Take a minute to let your body settle, let your breathing slow, feel the beating of your heart deep in your chest. Focus on the miracle of that muscle, the heart, feel it beating, hear it , see it. One of the profound miracles that we witness each, and every day, of our lives. Now we will begin the soft belly breathing. Place your hands on your belly. Now breathe in deeply and be sure to notice if your hands are rising, as your belly pulls your breathe deeply into your body. As you exhale, you should feel your hands descending with your belly as the breathe leaves your body.  Practice this for a few breathes. Now, as you breathe in, say to yourself the word ‘soft’, as your exhale, say to yourself the word ‘belly’. This will be our mantra for a few minutes. The idea is to breathe deeply, effortlessly. To train yourself to feed your body the nutrients that come with breathing, without thinking, without effort. Soft……belly…….soft…..belly….soft….belly…….keep going and I will tell you when to move on. Soft…..belly…..soft……belly……………….

Following Your Breadth

You may notice that your mind is very active and many trains of thought are interrupting your meditation

This is a normal occurrence in the practice of meditation. Do not try to suppress the thoughts, just gently go to your breadth. Your following the breadth in and out of your body will begin to quell the thoughts. Actually, the thoughts are a mechanism of relieving stress, via the nervous system. It’s a good thing, kind of like defragging your computer. You may notice that you sometimes fall asleep, that’s okay, it just means your body needs sleep and you are giving yourself the opportunity to let your body receive what it needs. That, too, is a good thing. So keep your focus on your breathe, in and out, in and out………. Then, you lose track of your breathing, your thoughts are gone, you are really awake! Wow! this is amazing! You have gone into a deep healing state of meditation. And now you are back, thoughts, breathing. And then, again, where did I go? And the dance is on. Stay with your meditation. Anticipate nothing. Let go, let God, let go, let God. Allow the peace to settle in. Let go, let God, let go, let God. Trust the Beloved. God loves you, God embraces you. God loves you, God embraces you. Let go, let go, let go……………

Coming Back

Now, it’s time to return, keeping your eyes closed, take your time, come back into your body with ease

Keeping your eyes closed, it’s time to go back to noticing your breadth, your heart beat. Put your awareness back into your body, notice your toes, your feet, your ankles…..feel the blood circulating in your body, take your time, notice your legs, your hips, your belly. Start feeling your body. Your chest, your ribs, your lower back, feel your lungs fill with air. Now your fingers, hands, wrists, and arms. Roll your shoulders and move your neck about. Breathe. Feel your facial muscles, your beautiful smile, your eyes, ears, the top of your head. Breathe. Breathe. Now, when you are ready, and only then, open your eyes and enjoy the moment. Enjoy the gift that you gave to yourself.

This meditation is compliments of Ellen LaRocca, LMT, CPSM

Please feel free to contact me to learn more about meditation and receiving your own personal mantra.


Friday’s Gift

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First Friday, September 18, 2009

Present Moment Living, boy that’s a mouthful. So you take a moment and be joyful and full of understanding that everything in your life is exactly as it should be. The life you are experiencing is as you are thinking. Do you have enough of what you want? Or, are you experiencing a lack of something?  If you take this weekend and open yourself to expanded possibilities of abundance, express gratitude for the things you have … and have not …  you will find an opportunity to be at ease with yourself and reduce the level of stress that is challenging your well-being.

Remember, it’s almost always as you think it is. So, give yourself a break and be kind in your conversation to yourself.

Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist Monk, has a wonderful way of expressing gratitude for being alive.  His morning outlook: the attitude we choose upon awakening can set the tone for the whole day. As you awaken, before you leave your bed, take a moment and be grateful. Notice how this simple change of focus enhances your day.